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-all answers to your questions are already inside your heart

YOU CAN'T  hide your soul,

it CRIES or SHINES through your eyes... 

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Soul Mystery Tour

- Concept that describes 3 phases of soul evolution

- Explains the reasons why certain situations are happening to  us,

- Shows how to solve the issues (in case we want a better life).

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Make yourself comfortable,

make yourself some tea or coffee and let me guide you through the secrets of your soul…


I will show you the paths that will give you an explanation for why you are sad, unhappy, or unable to make a decision. Why do you fall into feelings of hopelessness or where does the desire to always do something with yourself come from?

I will teach you to navigate your emotions, organize your mind, and where the answers may be hiding, and how to read them. You will know where to go to find a solution to the situation that is bothering you.

You will receive a detailed map from me. So that you are not afraid to take the bravest step - a step on the path that can change your life. Powered by the belief that you can do it.

Everyone has the right to be happy.

And today's world needs more happy people ♡.


Happiness is not for the chosen ones. It is not necessary to be born into a life of advantages for a happy life. Although it is undoubtedly an easier and more pleasant way. But it is what it is. We come from different backgrounds, we have different experiences, but none of that has to stop us from being happy. We choose whether our background is an opportunity or an obstacle.


Even if you don't have the life you want right now, there is a way to get there. I know it. I see it around me. I see people making choices all the time and their choices are the opposite of what they really want. And how, on the contrary, those who have harmony within themselves have what they want and are happy! Is it a coincidence? No, it's a process. It's a journey.

I observe how nowadays we are experts in all kinds of nonsense, but we don't know ourselves... Our homes are full of various equipment for which there are multi-page manuals, but what about us? Do you have the manual with you? Do you know yourself? Or are you just based on what you learned at school or on some self-discovery course where the chakras and their harmonization were discussed? And is that enough for you? Do you have a beautiful life? Are you living your dreams? Or do you just keep dreaming about them? Do you know where to look for answers?

Do you know the answers to your "why?"?

Today's world is confused, values ​​are distorted, the balance is out of whack... We are always forced to choose this or that. Although inside we want both. Those who are not clear within themselves oscillate between the spiritual world and the material world. Once he chooses one option, he denies the other. Then he longs for her, and so he runs from the spiritual to the material world, back and forth. He is looking for a balance in it. And the balance is nowhere. A grueling run. And endless. You run on a swing. And from one end of it to the other, so you have no stability.

Balance does not occur by choosing one of the polarities. Balance occurs when you allow yourself to have both polarities. And that is the goal of my work. To teach you how to bring these two worlds together. How to begin. Understand the reasons why you are not doing well. Where to look for answers. How to continue working with them. How to apply them in your life. And how to transform your life into the best version you can imagine.

It's like the story - if someone is hungry, don't give him a fish, but teach him to fish. Today's odds mostly give you fish. They fill you up, they make your heart feel good, but over time the good feeling wears off and you need another dose. For a happy life, you don't need a fish (product), but you need to learn how to fish (understand the process by which you catch yourself, and not just any fish - but the golden, magical one that fulfills your wishes). It's a longer process, a bit more demanding, but if you know what to do and how, it will be easy for you. I promise!

And how to start? Please read this entire page first. You will have all the introductory information related to the Lexicon. And if you feel that this is what you are looking for, at the end you will find options to access the more detailed content of the Lexicon.

Take it easy and I wish you a pleasant entrance study ♡.

There are 3 stages of soul development that explain the reasons why certain situations happen to us and how to solve these situations (if we want to solve them).

We are controlled by two desires that destroy our life if they are not in harmony.

There are 2 reasons why we fail to solve our problems effectively.

Two desires rule our lives

ABUNDANCE (having a lot of money): we are either narrowed down by their lack, or exalted by their abundance. The amount of money determines our value. Even how those around us see us.


LOVE (having perfect relationships): its lack causes us to distrust ourselves; we act like victims to get some love; or, on the contrary, we are self-centered - to protect our love. We do not know how to work with love, we confuse it with selfishness, romantic love and dependence on others.

The aim of the Lexicon is to show you how to fulfill these desires

and balance.

There are quite a few courses on how to summon love or abundance. But why doesn't it work? Because we don't know the reason why we have this desire. What feeling does that desire come from? And is that really it, or is the feeling just covering up the real reason? It's not enough to just say, I want more money because I don't have much. The key is to discern the cause of your desire. But how to root it? Is it a desire for luxury? Or do I want to prove something? Or am I comparing myself to others? Or is it a matter of survival? Spoils? Lifestyle? And is it wrong if I just want more?

The origins of all our failures are stored in our emotions, our mind and body - based on this we feel something, think something and behave in a certain way. And this gear makes me have or not have what I desire in life.

If you do not know the real reason for your problem or your desire, the current courses are just a band-aid for your pain. If something isn't working in your life, you don't need a Band-Aid. But disinfection. You need to get rid of everything that is preventing you from having what you want. And the only way to get rid of it is to get rid of not-power in order to have power. Power over your life, your desires, your thoughts, your emotions...

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A recipe for a better life

Imagine you are cooking your destiny. You have a cauldron and you throw various ingredients into it for fun. For example: sadness, despair, fear of loneliness, lack of self-love, bad decisions...

You might be thinking, who would cook such a life? When I look around, I have the feeling that almost everyone... I was like that too. I went to a job I didn't enjoy (but it paid well) and I had a husband I wasn't happy with (but I wasn't alone). I felt inferior, ugly and worthless. My decisions and feelings were governed by what was in the cauldron. I threw those ingredients in there automatically and continuously, depending on how I grew and what experience I gathered. Plus what I inherited or what other people threw at me.

Then I realized that in order to change my life, I had to pour the kettle out (like spoiled soup) and start over. And I also have to monitor who has access to it.

Start from the beginning... that's easy to do, but the truth is that I was afraid - what/whom will I lose? And will it hurt? And how is it done? And what should I do then? And what if it doesn't work out again? What if I just can't "cook well"? In the end, however, I spilled the beans, because there was nowhere to back down and nothing to make excuses for. There was only a desire to be happy.

So I started from the beginning, slowly, but with the decision that I know what I want there: I like myself, I have my boundaries, I can say YES as firmly as NO, I don't want commitments (children, marriage), I like to travel... and I continued - knowingly and only me! And at the end, I added: I adore luxury handbags :). And miracles began to happen...some quickly, others took time. But what I threw there started to materialize. Love for me began to awaken, my boundaries were automatically strengthened, I recognized the voice of my inner whisperer (I will detail the whisperer below) and I began to enjoy material gifts (without remorse).

My current life has been like this for several years now:  I have a great man. A beautiful collection of luxury handbags. I don't have to go to work. I just do what I like. Sometimes we travel a lot, other times we prefer to stay at home. According to mood, according to taste. I have everything I want. And I really want a lot :). I perceive the colors of life every day. I realize the weight of every word and deed, and yet I don't have to constantly check myself and look around the corner for bad luck or a bad experience.

Do I ever have a bad day? Yes. I am still a human being and not an ethereal fairy :). But I believe in myself. I believe that I can withstand any situation. I take responsibility for every decision I make and see different possibilities. I am the queen of my life, I live with my king, and we have our kingdom. And I would wish such a life for everyone. Because when you are happy, you feel your heart burning with the desire to make everyone happy.

Just decide:

Do you want to be the wizard/witch of your life

and cook your life happily over the kettle

full of the best ingredients?

Even if you don't know how to do it. Everyone started somehow, everyone was looking for answers to their questions, everyone was sometimes confused. Everyone wanted to give up at some point... That's why I put together simple instructions, including explanations. To make the search as pleasant as possible. So that the "rebirth" is without the feeling of helplessness. To know exactly what is happening to you and why. A journey without confusion and chaos. In addition, you can use the information provided as is or modify it to your liking :). Complete freedom of how you proceed :).

2 reasons why long-term changes fail

If you are not fully satisfied with your life,

you long for a change, but you are standing still, or you feel like it

that you're going around in circles...

If you wake up in the morning not happy and go to sleep at night with a wish,

for a better tomorrow...


...this is for two possible reasons:

1. you don't know HOW

 make that change

that you desire

(you don't know the appropriate tools or you don't know how to use them correctly)

2. you don't know WHY

it is not possible,

even if you follow proven advice

(you don't know that each stage of your soul's development requires a different approach)

- you will find the answer to both reasons in the Lexicon.

Because once you know HOW and WHY the changes will be easier and faster.

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Why was this concept created?

Dnešní svět je přehlcen duchovnem, osobním rozvojem, spiritualitou, výklady z karet, vhledy do minulých životů, transformací, manifestací, vesmírem, hojností... a přesto se změny nekonají, nebo velmi, velmi pomalu a pouze občas. Důvodem není to, že by dané techniky nefungovaly. Důvodem je to, že buď jsou pouhou náplastí a neřeší skutečnou podstatu vaší situace, nebo nejsou předány správně, nebo to není technika pro vás, nebo tomu nerozumíte tak, jak by bylo potřeba. Navíc se v dnešní době topíme v marnivosti a společenských dogmatech, jsme líní a předpokládáme, že naše problémy vyřeší někdo jiný. Můj problém je ale jenom můj. Nikdo jiný ho nemůže vyřešit. A je jedno, kolik peněz zato zaplatíme. Druzí nám mohou pouze poradit. 

Today's world is awash with spirituality, personal development, spirituality, card readings, past life insights, transformation, manifestation, the universe, abundance... and yet change does not happen, or very, very slowly and only occasionally. This is not because the techniques do not work. This is because either they are just a band-aid and don't address the real essence of your situation, or they aren't delivered correctly, or it's not a technique for you, or you don't understand it as well as you need to. Moreover, these days we are drowning in vanity and social dogmas, we are lazy and we assume that someone else will solve our problems. But my problem is only mine. No one else can solve it. And it doesn't matter how much money we pay for it. Others can only give us advice.

Díky Lexikonu máte možnost změnit přístup k životu - život se pro vás stane takovou stezkou odvahy, kde sami překonáváte nastrčené strašáky, abyste došli spokojeně do cíle, kde na vás čeká odměna :). A čím dál dojdete, tím víc v lehkosti budete situace řešit. A aby se tak stalo, tak prvním krokem je, poznat své strašáky. Mohou to být skrytá přesvědčení, která jsme nasbírali, zdědili nebo se naučili vlivem svých zkušeností. Mohou to být naše vlastnosti, které jsme potlačili a uvěřili, že nejsme dost dobří. Může to být strach udělat nějaký krok, nebo strach z vlastní intuice, která nás vede proti proudu. Ale bez poznání svých strašáků (příčin) není možná změna. Bylo by to jako řídit auto a neznat silniční pravidla. Nemůžete pak říct "já za to nemůžu, tohle pravidlo neznám". Je naše zodpovědnost přistoupit k životu zodpovědně a ne jen čekat, co se stane a čelit následkům a nazývat se pak hrdiny. Pravý hrdina je ten, kdo si svůj život drží ve svých rukách, dokáže se chovat s úctou, respektem a láskou. A láska je v tomto pojetí myšlena jako ta vesmírná síla, která dokáže léčit, tvořit a odpouštět. 

Thanks to Lexikon, you have the opportunity to change your approach to life - life will become a path of courage for you, where you yourself overcome the scarecrows that have been planted in order to reach the destination with satisfaction, where a reward awaits you :). And the further you go, the more easily you will solve situations. And for that to happen, the first step is to get to know your scarecrows. They can be hidden beliefs that we have collected, inherited or learned through our experiences. It can be our qualities that we have repressed and believed that we are not good enough. It can be fear of taking a step, or fear of our own intuition, which leads us against the current. But without knowing your fears (causes), change is not possible. It would be like driving a car and not knowing the rules of the road. You can't then say "it's not my fault, I don't know this rule". It is our responsibility to approach life responsibly and not just wait to see what happens and face the consequences and then call ourselves heroes. A true hero is one who holds his life in his hands, who can behave with dignity, respect and love. And love in this concept is thought of as the cosmic force that can heal, create and forgive.


Jako zodpovědný řidič svého života se musíte naučit: jak funguje auto, jak se chováte vy (a proč), jaká jsou silniční pravidla a hlavně - kam chcete jet?

As a responsible driver of your life, you have to learn: how the car works, how you behave (and why), what are the road rules and most importantly - where do you want to go?

Lexikon duše je průvodce

pro každého, kdo chce změnit svůj život

(a věří, že je to v jeho moci).

The lexicon of the soul is a guide

for anyone who wants to change their life

(and he believes it is in his power).

And everyone who wants to change their life and is interested in inner (personal) development will find a guide in it. Anyone who does not wait for the situation to improve by itself will find answers in it.

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The lexicon contains experience, theory,

also facts, instructions and substantiated recommendations.

It is not only spiritual reading. It is not received wisdom without explanation, nor is it the compulsion of "who hasn't woken up by now," or "now is the time when...". There is no pressure! The only thing that exists is your choice to move or not. And it is not necessary to keep scrolling. Just as it is not necessary to stand in the same place all the time.

The only thing that matters - are you happy?

Because your happiness is your compass!


The Lexicon explains how the mind works, how emotions work, how patterns of behavior are formed, what magic is, what the laws of the universe are (and how many there are)... and all this not only from a spiritual point of view, but also from a matter point of view (biology and quantum physics).

It also includes spirituality and its areas. You will learn interpretations of dreams, cards, cleansing of the mind, heart, the difference between the spiritual and emotional heart. You will discover what cosmic gifts are and how to use them to work for you and not the other way around (as is currently the case). We will focus on everything, plus what will interest you.

You will learn why it is not appropriate for a spiritual seeker to automatically embark on healing trauma and various psychological disorders. And what a mess we create for ourselves when we don't know the facts about how thoughts are formed, how they affect the body, how different energies affect us, and how we constantly curse ourselves...

3 phases - what are they about?
1st stage - we are controlled by material desires
(drive phase)
- main theme: "inner Demon"

- focus on EGO and BODY

- the law of attraction
2nd stage - our heart begins to awaken
(spiritual phase)

- main theme "Self-love"

- the law of mirroring
3rd phase - we can connect the spiritual and material worlds
(manifestation phase)

- main topic: "evolution of the soul"
- focus on BALANCE

- the law of manifestation

From the content above, you can see that the law of Manifestation is only at the 3rd stage. And this is also the reason why everyone fails to fulfill their desires, even if they deal with the soul and are awakened (awakening occurs during the transition from the first to the second stage).


The fact,

hat sometimes something you wish will come true,

is just a taste.

Like a mouthful of what you can do

if you follow the voice of your soul.

And at the same time, the fact that you are not getting everything you want means that you are not yet in the 3rd phase (or not fully). When a wish is not fulfilled, it is either not ours or we have blocked it somewhere.

No need to constantly clean yourself. It is not necessary to try all the techniques that the spirit world has to offer. There is no need to dissect a past life or relive your traumas all the time. I've never done any of that. But I have learned to uproot my inner "problems" to make room for all the better things that life has to offer.


It is enough to understand how what is holding us back works. And thanks to this, you will focus on strengthening the pillars that will not only support you, but will change your life.

The 3 main pillars for a happy life are:

intuition, power of mind and mighty (strong) heart.

Today's spiritual and self-development teachings are chaotic and lack order. It is necessary to proceed gradually. Understand what is happening to you and why. Otherwise, you will be confused and jump from topic to topic, alternating seminars, finding only temporary relief or a small miracle. If you want to fully experience the power of your heart and at the same time have a clear and pure mind, you need to get yourself in order.

And do you want to be in order and know who you are and what you really want?

3 stages of the soul in more detail

2nd phase (spiritual): v této fázi se probouzí naše srdce, proto se nazývá také fáze probuzení. Je především o sebelásce a o sebe-přijetí. Přijmout sebe takoví, jací jste. Ale kdo jste? Jste tím, co si o sobě myslíte, nebo jste tím, co vám říkají ostatní? Jak zjistit, co je hlas duše, a kdy nás vede touha zrozená v egu? A je ego vůbec špatné? Jaký je rozdíl mezi emočním srdcem a duchovním? Díky pochopení 2.fáze poznáte rozdíl. Tato část se zaměřuje čistě na otevření duchovního srdce, intuici a vaši celkovou imunitu. Je o vstupu do vaší temnoty, kde se skrývá vaše skutečné já. Je tam schované, protože jste ho potlačili.

in this phase our heart awakens, that is why it is also called the awakening phase. It is primarily about self-love and self-acceptance. Accept yourself as you are. But who are you? Are you what you think you are or are you what others say you are? How to find out what the voice of the soul is, and when we are led by a desire born in the ego? And is ego bad at all? What is the difference between an emotional heart and a spiritual one? By understanding the 2nd phase, you will know the difference. This section focuses purely on opening the spiritual heart, intuition and your overall immunity. It's about entering your darkness, where your true self hides. It's hidden there because you suppressed it.

Tato fáze je o objevování sebelásky, zobrazuje DUŠI (emoce a energie). V této fázi začínáme chápat, že pro nalezení svých vnitřních pokladů (darů, talentů..) je nutné vstoupit do Temnoty. Ale co to ta TEMNOTA vlastně je, a jak tento proces vznikl? Proč musíme projít temnotou?

This phase is about discovering self-love, portraying the SOUL (emotions and energy). At this stage we begin to understand that in order to find our inner treasures (gifts, talents...) it is necessary to enter the Darkness. But what exactly is DARKNESS, and how did this process come about? Why do we have to go through darkness?


The main desire in this phase is love -  and as I already wrote above (and I think it is important to remind you) - if we feel its lack, we act like victims who will do anything for a little love; or, on the contrary, we are self-centered and thereby guard our love to protect ourselves. But why do we confuse addiction or fear with love? What is true love? And is the romantic form of love bad? What about Karma, Fate or Twin Flame? And is meditation, aura or chakras important? Lexikon can answer all this for you.

3rd phase (manifestation): in the world we live in, two parts come together - matter and immaterial. That is why this world is called "duality". Each part has a different center point. Matter - money and body, immaterial - love and soul. We see this duality division all around us, male and female energy, good and evil... And so we have come to believe that if we choose one of the polarities, the other is evil (mean).

This part is mainly about the knowledge that takes us beyond our personality and soul. The hidden secrets of how the universe works, what its laws are, how magic works are revealed to you (in more depth than how to make a ritual to summon a partner). When a "problem" arises, you know how to handle the situation. You are the ruler of your life and respect all the consequences of your actions and decisions. You can see further, you can see into people, but the need to judge or evaluate someone disappears. Here we also better understand the reasons why everyone is at a different level. And what happens when someone tries to speed up the journey (and become a spiritual manifesting being) without being fully prepared for it.

So what exactly is the Soul Mystery Tour?

1st stage (impulsive): at this stage we are like animals. We think only of ourselves and our needs. We are influenced by what society says and how others see us. We believe that life is a mixture of chance and we have no power over our life. We fixate on matter - we are driven by base desires and emotions. And the main task is to survive.

This section discusses the first stage of soul development, depicting the EGO (mind and body) and our dependence on the external (material) world. At the same time, it explains the consequences of skipping this phase with the feeling that we have solved something (but the outside reality does not correspond). The success of our internal work is always reflected externally. Not on how others see us, but how we feel and whether we have everything we desire (relationship, property, overall abundance, health...). Whether we live what we talk about and what we advise.

If our desires come from this phase, we long for the admiration and recognition of those around us. Our attention is focused outward, that is, outside of us. We fixate on matter, we desire money, the perfect body, and we like to brag to others to increase our self-worth. Recognizing when we have a healthy self-esteem or when we are healing something is not easy. Especially if our life is completely controlled by the ego, which also has its own "whisperer", which I call the INNER DEMON.

And for the whisperer (inner demon) there are 3 MAIN RESOURCES, which we will discuss in detail in the Lexicon.

Lexikon duše jsem zpracovala jako on-line projekt, který v sobě propojuje soubor teorie a praktických návodů na to, jak svůj život uchopit a pochopit. Přidanou hodnotou je vaše aktivní účast, pokud ucítíte, že některé oblasti nerozumíte nebo se vám nedaří ji správně uchopit. Lexikon neurčuje jednu konkrétní cestu, ale ukazuje možnosti, ze kterých si můžete vybírat a přizpůsobovat si je sobě na míru. Dané informace se opírají o mé zkušenosti se sebe-rozvojem, jsou získané i skrze magii a její sílu, a také se opírají o výzkumy a jsou podloženy kvantovou fyzikou. Ukazuje, jak je vše krásně propojeno. A že cest ke štěstí je nespočet.  

I developed the Lexicon of the Soul as an online project that combines a set of theory and practical instructions on how to grasp and understand your life. Your active participation is an added value if you feel that you do not understand some area or do not manage to grasp it properly. The Lexicon does not specify one specific path, but shows the possibilities from which you can choose and adapt them to your own needs. The given information is based on my experience with self-development, it is also obtained through magic and its power, and it is also based on research and is supported by quantum physics. It shows how everything is beautifully connected. And that the paths to happiness are countless.

If there was only one way, we would all be happy long ago. But we are not, and that means there are several ways. And to find your way, that's exactly what the Lexicon of the Soul teaches.

The lexicon of the soul is based on the teaching that the development of the soul is divided into 3 phases. This theory has been around for years, but nowhere has it been elaborated upon. There is no comprehensive concept. That's why I created it - from the available information, which I supplemented with my experience, the experience of my loved ones, and also thanks to people who turned to me with confidence and wanted advice from me. It took a long time, years, to develop this concept. I wasn't sure of his final form. But now it is complete. And I know that what I convey in it works and why.

Originally, I wanted to process this information as a book. But what it contains must be dosed slowly, lightly and yet meaningfully. So that instead of being overwhelmed and confused "so what should I do?", a clear realization in your mind "I know what to do!" will come. At the same time, it is necessary to provide an explanation for this new information. Because my goal is to help those who are confused by spirituality (esotericism, inner development, self-examination, various courses...) and their life does not change, to clean up their minds and get clarity :).


And because it is a collection of information from which it is possible to choose, it is called Lexikon. Lexicon of the soul.

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